1. Reporting to the Director of Operations in the Data Science Institute, the Assistant Director of Information Technology is responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of the internal IT infrastructure for the Institute. The Assistant Director will work in a virtualized environment that includes a large Linux computer cluster and will be responsible for all IT related functions including technical planning, implementation and installation of servers, network security, storage and networking. The Assistant Director will develop documentation and automated processes/workflows, and will collaborate with internal and external partners to develop IT solutions, components, and interfaces.The incumbent will also provide systems administration support as a shared resource with the Department of Biomedical Informatics (DBMI).

        Characteristic duties include:
        - Designs, implements, monitors, and maintains a high-performance computer cluster (Hadoop with MapReduce) for large-scale processing of data-sets.
        - Enhances the IT infrastructure with load balancing, fail-over, storage, authentication and identity management systems. Seamlessly integrates systems across a mixed environment including Mac, Linux, Windows, and Solaris environments.
        - Implements various types of databases and maintains large datasets.
        - Develops and maintains Web Infrastructure, including implementation of Web Cluster and Load Balancing architecture to provide high availability. Maintains current CMS while designing and implementing a new framework.
        - Identifies areas for generating efficiencies, repeatable processes, solutions for improvement. Designs, develops, and improves system software written in C, Perl, Python, and other programming languages.
        - Improves the overall computing environment through the evaluation and integration of new technologies and practices into the current infrastructure.
        - Collaborates with internal stakeholders on the development of technology solutions. Interfaces with management to report on project and program milestones. Defines, presents, and recommends improvements through software and equipment purchases.

        Minimum Qualifications:

        Bachelor's degree required. MS degree in Computer Science preferred. A minimum of 4-6 years of previous experience in system administration, system design or related fields.

        Additional Position-Specific Minimum Qualifications:

        -Must have experience in Linux.
        -Must have experience in programming and debugging in shell, awk, Perl and C, PHP, Java and other programming languages.
        -Experience with network storage systems and RAID disk arrays, and Network Appliance in particular.
        -Experience in installation and maintenance of databases such as MySQL, Oracle.
        -Experience with installation and maintenance of LDAP, DNS, DHCP, VPN.
        -Thorough understanding of Unix based server software such as Apache, DHCP, Bind/DNS, Samba.
        -Experience with installation and maintenance of Mac OS X and Windows is a plus.

        TO APPLYLink

      1. Reporting to the Director of Operations of the Data Science Institute (DSI) and collaborating closely with the Communication Team in The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), the University's Office of Communications and Public Affairs, and the Director of Internal Communications, the Assistant Director identifies and prioritizes strategies to reach key target audiences; shapes messages in support of the Institute's strategic goals; develops and expands a graphic-identity program consistent with university-wide identity guidelines; and establishes measurable goals, metrics and assessment tools to evaluate success of strategic communications.

        The Assistant Director will develop and execute an aggressive media relations strategy focused on professional engineering publications to increase Institute's national and international visibility; coordinate and collaborate with SEAS and the University's central communications office in working with general interest media, serving as a liaison with faculty; provide proactive outreach to media by identifying key opportunities; write news releases, press advisories, fact sheets, backgrounders, "pitches" to media, and provide information for the Institute's web site and social media outlets.The Director will lead external communication, web communications, print media, and internal communications; and serve as liaison with Institute's leadership, faculty, and research.

        Minimum Qualifications:

        Bachelor's Degree and or its equivalent in education and experience required. At least 3 to 5 years of relevant experience required in the marketing, strategic communications, and/or media relations fields. News and/or public relations writing experience required.

        Additional Position-Specific Minimum Qualifications:

        Must be a service-oriented professional who demonstrates creativity in performing assigned tasks, has flexibility and performs well under time pressure. Must possess understanding of the job at the strategic as well as tactical levels. Must have an entrepreneurial approach with strong strategic planning and implementation skills; the ability to communicate effectively to a variety of constituent groups, including Institute, SEAS, and University administrators, faculty, graduates, students, and professionals in corporate relations and government; the ability to coordinate and execute multiple projects simultaneously; excellent communications, written and interpersonal skills, including the ability to manage staff and function well in a team environment.

        Preferred Qualifications:

        Advanced degree in journalism or multi-media communications highly desirable.

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      1. Reporting to the Business Manager of the Data Science Institute, the incumbent monitors and coordinates expenditures for multiple Center accounts and manages day-to-day financial activities. In this capacity, the incumbent works with Center Principal Investigators (PIs) to finalize and cross-check paperwork being submitted for grant applications; to provide reports; to maintain the system that receives and provides support to inquiries related to Center accounts and grants; general account reconciliation; under supervision of the Business Manager tracks and records expenditures; to provide assistance with budget variance inquiries; to originate (data entry) Financial Front End (FFE) system's purchase orders, purchasing requisitions, invoices in AP/CAR payment system, check requests, P-CARD, time sheet entry, petty cash, and expense reimbursements; to maintain files for Center transaction processing; to follow standardized Center expenditure procedures, promote adherence to University policies regarding expenditures; and to perform other duties as assigned.

        Characteristic duties include:
        - Coordinates with PI's to provide pre-award support for PIs, assisting them to compile, review, finalize, and cross-check grant application submissions
        - Tracks and records expenditures under the supervision of the Business Manager. Maintains the system that receives and provides support to inquiries related to Center accounts and grants. Performs general account reconciliation. Supports PI's and IDSE operations by generating and preparing reports.
        - Originates (data entry) Financial Front End (FFE) system's purchase orders, purchasing requisitions, invoices in AP/CAR payment system, check requests, P-CARD, time sheet entry, petty cash, and expense reimbursements. Assists with budget variance inquiries. Maintains files for Center transaction processing; adheres to standardized IDSE and University expenditure procedures.

        Minimum Qualifications:

        Bachelor's degree and/or its equivalent required. Minimum two years related financial experience required.

        Additional Position-Specific Minimum Qualifications:

        Excellent computer skills with extensive knowledge of spreadsheets (Excel) required. Must be able to quickly learn university electronic processing systems. Experience with university electronic systems, (purchasing, accounts payable, payroll) and database strongly desirable. Rigorous attention to detail and accuracy is essential; ability to manage multiple priorities with poise and discretion required. Must be a team player and yet be able to function independently and interact well with faculty, staff and university officers.

        TO APPLYLink

      1. Berkeley Research Group (BRG) provides independent expert testimony, advisory services and data analytics to major law firms, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and regulatory bodies around the world. BRG experts provide sophisticated economic, financial, and analytical advice across a wide range of disciplines including antitrust and competition policy, complex damages, finance, healthcare, intellectual property, valuation, and workforce issues. In addition, the firm consults with clients in major industry sectors with compliance, business process improvement and strategy consulting.

        BRG is headquartered in Emeryville, California, with 26 offices across the United States and in Australia, Canada, Latin America, and the United Kingdom. This position offers advancement opportunities within a rapidly growing expert services and consulting firm.

        Description:The Consultant position is a mid-level consulting staff position. This position requires a highly motivated problem solver with solid analytical ability, strong organizational skills, and a desire to advance within the organization. The work of a Consultant will involve both execution and oversight of engagement work streams that may be either qualitative or quantitative in nature, and responsibilities include: management of junior staff, design of statistical and financial analysis, modeling of financial data and markets, quality control, development and presentation of client deliverables, management of existing client relationships, industry research, and expansion of business. The Consultant will work directly with PhD economists and professional marketers to develop the data and Predictive Analytics practice.


        • Plan and manage of all aspects of small to medium sized client engagements and discrete segments of larger projects.
        • Delegate assignments to staff, instruct and monitor progress, and review work product for completeness and accuracy.
        • Develop analyses and financial models using transactional data and/or financial data.
        • Generate client deliverables and make valuable contributions to expert reports.
        • Manage client relationships and communicate results and work product as appropriate.
        • Demonstrate creativity and efficient use of relevant software tools, analytical methods and computer models to develop solutions.
        • Prioritize assignments and responsibilities in order to meet goals and deadlines.
        • Participate in group practice meetings, contribute to business development initiatives and office functions such as staff training and recruiting.


        • A degree (e.g., BS, BBA, MBA, M.A., M.S., etc.) in Mathematics, Statistics or Computer Science. A degree in Data Science is a plus. A master’s degree is preferred.
        • 2+ years of work experience with a focus on data analytics.
        • Candidate must be familiar with statistical modeling.
        • Experienced/mastery of Python, R, Java and/or other statistical and mathematical programming tools.
        • Trained in standard machine learning techniques.
        • Strong skills in data visualization. Experience with Tableau is preferred.
        • Creative at data acquisition, including scraping and munging techniques.
        • Ability to distill complicated concepts into key points of understanding.
        • Experience presenting to a wide range of audiences is preferred.
        • Proven capability with MS Excel and relational database program(s) (e.g., SAS, SPSS, Stata, MS SQL Server, MS Access). A desire to expand those capabilities is required, as is the ability to train others to use such tools.
        • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
        • Desire and ability to manage processes and other consultants.
        • Commitment to producing high quality analysis and attention to details.
        • Desire to work within a team environment.


      1. Wellwatch7 is an early stage health tech startup, looking to disrupt chronic condition self care. We empower the user to act in a timely manner via a mobile phone based service that makes asthma care easier, more accessible for those time-strapped, immobile or in rural locations.

        Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the lung airways. Not treating it with medication over extended periods of time can cause unexpected tightening of the lung airways and asthma “symptoms” (like tightening of the chest) or an “attack" (acute difficulty in breathing). There is no known cure for asthma. Currently 25M people (10% of the population) in the US have asthma. It is the largest chronic condition among American children. There are an estimated 2M still undiagnosed. The US, UK, Ireland and Australia are facing the worst growth rates in asthma, with 33% of their population expected to have been diagnosed with asthma by 2025.

        Wellwatch7 aims to address 40-60% of the problem within self-care with our differentiating approach and proprietary technology. Data plays a critical & defining role in our value proposition.


        We need an index defined, using multiple variables and assumptions based on 2 existing research findings. The effort is expected to be small and ideally needs to be completed within the next 5 days days, although earlier the better. If interested, please contact with your resume, and your estimated effort & fees for this project.

        The ideal candidate would have:

        • MS, PhD or Post Doc in related quantitative programs
        • Experience solving analytical problems using quantitative approaches
        • Experience with python scripting language to translate the desired algorithm into usable

      1. The New York Times is dedicated to using data science to develop better products, make business decisions and reach larger audiences. We have click data, article text data, social network data, email data, subscription data, video data and mobile data available to us. We leverage this, along with statistical modeling and machine learning methods to find insights for high-level management and strategy, build API's for engineers, and create tools for editors and writers of the newsroom. The goal of this role is to help The Times reach a larger audience and develop a more engaged reader base.

        1. APPLY ONLINE or send your resume to Boris Chen
      1. Please take a look at these Computer Science projects from MindSumo. MindSumo projects give you work experience from impressive companies and also have cash prizes for the brightest solvers.

        1. Make our website hub an engaging destination for visitors by American Express
        2. Help deliver better targeted messaging to e-commerce consumers by Windsor Circle
        3. How would you troubleshoot as a network engineer? By Cisco
        4. Group stocks by similar price behavior by Susquehanna International Group
      1. Sphere aims to become the standard for consumers to connect their things together. The IoT is an exciting new market that some expect will be the biggest technological revolution since the advent of the Internet. With our app, users will add their Internet-connected things to their profile, allowing them to communicate together ( And unlike Facebook, we don't track our users' online activities or give their information to any third parties. We are currently looking to fill a number of part-time developer positions. Selected applicants will work with PHP/MySQL or our Android/iOS apps. To apply, email with your resume.

      1. Booz Allen Hamilton - Workshop Scholarship & Data Science Position

        Booz Allen Hamilton is offering two scholarships specifically for Columbia students involved in Data Science and Cloud Technologies which will fund attendance at Strata Hadoop World Oct 15-17 ( This is a unique and exciting opportunity for two students to learn about Cloud Technologies and Data Science both by attending the conference and networking with Booz Allen Hamilton Cloud Developers and Data Scientists. Booz Allen Hamilton is a leading technology firm in both Data Science and Cloud Technologies across various industries including the public sector, health-care, finance, and energy.

        Basic Qualifications

        1. Academic or internship experience with machine learning, data mining, statistics, or graph algorithms
        2. Knowledge of an object-oriented language such as Java, C++, C#, or Python
        3. Knowledge of Hadoop, MapReduce, or HDFS a plus
        4. Experience with using R, Perl, Python, SAS, or SPSS for analysis of data
        5. Ability to obtain a security clearance
        6. Scheduled to obtain a BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, or a related field in Winter 2014 or Spring 2015.

        Interested in Applying?

        If you are interested in applying for this unique scholarship and networking experience, please submit to:, a copy of your resume, a list of relevant courses and activities in this area of work, and a statement of purpose explaining: 1) Why you want to attend, 2) What are your career goals, and 3) How would attendance support your career. The Booz Allen Hamilton Cloud and Data Science Team look forward to engaging with all of you this year at Strata Hadoop World and in the future.

      1. Organization Overview

        Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research in the areas of U.S. politics and policy views; media and journalism; internet and technology; religion and public life; Hispanic trends; global attitudes and U.S. social and demographic trends. Pew Research does not take policy positions. It is a subsidiary of The Pew Charitable Trusts. Pew Research Center’s work is carried out by a staff of 130.

        Position Summary

        Pew Research Center has an immediate need for a Research Analyst who specializes in Big Data and non-survey data collection and analysis to support its research on the impact of the internet and other digital technologies on users and society. The Research Analyst will be part of a team that is expanding its traditional research that has been focused on surveys of the general population and elites about their use of the internet. This is a new position that will utilize “organic” data to explore how people use the internet, their cell phones, and social media. The position will be involved in all aspects of the Center’s internet-related research: including conducting literature reviews and background research for prospective research projects, helping design research projects, managing data collection, performing statistical analysis, writing research reports, producing charts and tables, fact-checking data, and responding to public inquiries about the data and findings. The Research Analyst will also be expected to write regular blog posts about Pew Research data and other data-related research by other organizations.

        Primary Responsibilities

        Data analysis and Writing (40%)

        1. Conducts collection and analysis of non-survey data (e.g from APIs, web scraping, and secondary data sources) and survey findings
        2. Prepares data displays that can be used for analysis and writing
        3. Writes research reports
        4. Writes blog posts
        5. Prepares tables and charts and other infographics

        Project Development and Management (20%)

        1. Helps draft project proposals
        2. Monitors and tracks project timelines
        3. Helps coordinate team assignments
        4. Communicates with vendors and advisors

        Communication (10%)

        1. Prepares press releases and social media content related to research reports
        2. Responds to external requests for information

        Project design and development (20%)

        1. Conducts background research and trend analysis
        2. Proposes research topics
        3. Designs research protocols, survey questions or data queries
        4. Identifies and evaluates research vendors or data providers

        Quality control (10%)

        1. Fact-checks and number-checks reports
        2. Checks trends
        3. Assesses sampling performance and data quality
        4. Prepares datasets for public release


        1. Computer science with a social science bent
        2. Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree preferred
        3. Experience with computational statistics and/or predictive analytics and proven experience with quantitative analysis; facility with SPSS, Stata, R, Hadoop or other statistical software.
        4. Familiarity and experience with a range of statistical techniques, including logistic and multiple regression.
        5. Experience overseeing research projects, preferably with a focus on technology-related topics.

        Knowledge and Skill Requirements

        1. Quantitative skills, including an ability to use SPSS and other statistical programs to organize and analyze large amounts of data
        2. Well versed in a variety of analytical techniques involved in working with big data in its many guises
        3. Ability to work in a highly collaborative environment with researchers from a variety of different social science disciplines
        4. Strong verbal and written communications skills
        5. Ability to work on multiple projects at the same time
        6. Attention to detail, including exacting standards to maintain accuracy and impartiality of all work products
        7. Editorial judgment and proven ability to communicate research results clearly and concisely in both verbal and written form
        8. Ability to work collaboratively and collegially with staff from across Pew Research Center and outside organizations

        Applicants should email a complete resume, cover letter (including where you learned of the opening), and salary expectation to

      1. The Department of Finance's Office of Tax Policy (OTP) reviews, analyzes, and evaluates existing and proposed policies and legislation that affect the Department of Finance and the City.

        OTP seeks a dynamic individual to assist with programming, processing and analyzing data. Tasks include, but are not limited to, the following:

        1. - Using statistical samples to answer queries and evaluate tax policy proposals.
        2. - Modifying and maintaining existing computer programs that generate business tax samples.
        3. - Maintaining and enhancing micro-simulation models.
        4. - Creating statistical reports.
        5. - Process e-field data: recode sample selection programs, update micro simulation models, and update data verification procedure.

        OTPs responsibilities include:

        1. - Analyzing the revenue and distributional impacts of proposed changes to the tax system.
        2. - Performing modeling and data mining for the Office of Tax Audit and Tax Enforcement.
        3. - Monitoring and reporting on City tax and parking revenues.
        4. - Working with local and state-level public agencies and private sector interests in promoting improved tax administration.
        5. - Providing advice to Executive Management and the City’s Office of Management and Budget on City revenue and budget issues.
        6. - Preparing briefing / position papers on tax policy and issuing a variety of public reports on tax-related issues.

        NOTE: Candidates will be asked to provide a programming work sample (any language) prior to interview.

        Minimum Qualifications

        (1) A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college, including or supplemented by twenty-four (24) semester credits in computer science or a related computer field and one (1) year of satisfactory fulltime computer software experience in computer systems development and analysis, applications programming, database administration, systems programming or data communications; or (2) A four year high school diploma or its educational equivalent and five (5) years of full-time satisfactory computer software experience as described in 1above; or (3) A satisfactory combination of education and experience that is equivalent to "1" or "2" above.

        To Apply (Online Only)

        Please have students and alumni’s log into eHire at:, scroll down to the paragraph headed "Non-Employee Login” and go to Quick Search, enter the Business Title " Programmer" and Job ID “154338” and select the search button to view posting and select the “Apply Now” button to submit resumes electronically.

      1. FUSION is a television and digital network that helps young people cut through the rhetoric, divisiveness, and conversation to the issues that truly impact the day-to-day lives of this generation. FUSION informs, empowers, and inspires its audience through a unique mix of programming that includes original reporting, investigative journalism, coverage of pop culture, satire and comedy programming, as well as original series and documentaries.

        The Role

        FUSION seeks an intellectually curious and specialized digital analytics expert with hands-on experience supporting, implementing and deploying digital analytics solutions. Strong candidates can lead mining, analysis and communication of digital research at FUSION and work closely with product, technology, marketing, editorial & communications teams. This position will build partnerships by delighting internal clients with day-to-day, strategic and actionable insights. The ideal candidate for this position will independently initiate projects in response to business challenges around content performance and monetization.


        1. Assist in real-time monitoring and analysis of FUSION KPIs, developing standard reporting models with visualizations to be used in aid of decision-making and overall strategy – while the role is highly focused on traffic & web analytics, it will expand into other key business KPIs such as revenue, competitive analysis etc.
        2. Build and execute analytics and reporting to identify patterns and develop content & user experience opportunities.
        3. Manage ad hoc requests from internal clients to understand site usage, tap growth and uncover barriers.
        4. Architect and support analytics implementations (e.g., tag management, maintenance). Generate weekly, monthly and site section specific dashboards and lead 2015 site traffic estimates.
        5. Oversee accurate third party reporting and evaluate/recommend new research tools (e.g., data sentries, AB testing, social measurement) in partnership with the network’s Head of Research.
        6. Collaborate with the broader Research teams across both The Walt Disney Company and Univision Communications to leverage best practices and familiarize the FUSION team with research language, tools and applications.
        7. Become an authority in digital and social trends among FUSION’s core consumers.

        Required Experience

        1. 3-5 years of experience in digital analytics with a solid understanding of interactive marketing channels (e.g., search, social listening, paid and earned media, site development).
        2. Highly proficient in reporting and implementation of Adobe SiteCatalyst (formerly Omniture) and/or Google Analytics.
        3. Proficiency in tag management and third-party data of record (e.g., comScore).
        4. Meticulous work ethic and a passion for drawing conclusions from complex datasets.
        5. Fast learner and advanced problem solver, able to “think out of the box”, manage multiple projects concurrently and deliver excellent communication & customer service.
        6. Expertise in MS Office, especially MS Excel. Experience with statistical analysis tools preferred.
        7. Bachelor’s degree required, master’s degree preferred.

        Please send applications to Andrea Moreira

      1. FUSION is a television and digital network that helps young people cut through the rhetoric, divisiveness, and conversation to the issues that truly impact the day-to-day lives of this generation. FUSION informs, empowers, and inspires its audience through a unique mix of programming that includes original reporting, investigative journalism, coverage of pop culture, satire and comedy programming, as well as original series and documentaries.


        1. Assist in real-time monitoring and analysis of FUSION KPIs, developing standard reporting models with visualizations to be used in aid of decision-making and overall strategy – while the role is highly focused on traffic & web analytics, it will expand into other key business KPIs such as revenue, competitive analysis etc.
        2. Identify performance trends, drive insight generation, propose solutions, and implement actions / escalate issues as necessary.
        3. Automate reporting and build in process efficiencies to minimize manual reporting.
        4. Be fully independent in data analytics by extracting/querying Oracle/ Omniture data bases, building SQL pivots and developing/manipulating data cubes, as necessary.
        5. Establish solid working relationship with the stakeholders and become a close partner with respect to reporting, data and intelligence needs.
        6. Foster partnerships across a global team of analysts, editors and technology experts.

        Required Experience

        1. Experience in or passion for the consumer internet and media industries.
        2. Experience with web analytics tools, such as Omniture, required.
        3. Minimum of 2-4 years’ experience in quantitative analytics such as: performance measurement, user segmentation, test design, modeling and web analytics
        4. Ability to conceptualize business issues, formulate hypotheses, gather results, analyze data, and make appropriate recommendations for change.
        5. Experience with Business Intelligence tools to manipulate data, investigate anomalies, construct data sets, and build models.
        6. Expert knowledge of statistical and spreadsheet applications such as Excel, with advanced working knowledge of pivot tables. Experience in developing VBA macros a plus.
        7. Ability to write basic SQL queries to extract data from Oracle databases
        8. Bachelor's degree required with an emphasis on quantitative analytics

        Please send applications to Andrea Moreira

      1. voxgov provides user access to over 40 different document types of official U.S. Federal government news, media and information sources. With 11.5 million documents growing by 250,000+ monthly, we are looking for Data Scientists (interns and employees) who know about scalable machine learning and data analysis to come to our company, make some concrete proposals, and do amazing things with our data. Candidates must be comfortable with implementing scalable machine learning algorithms and the related visualization, diagnostics, and testing. The candidate will work on scalable machine learning projects that can include information retrieval, recommendation systems and statistical natural language processing. Candidates will be communicating all findings and recommendations to the senior management team.

        The successful applicant(s) will be working in consultation with Professor David Blei (Institute of Data Sciences and Engineering, Columbia University) and Professor Gregory Wawro (Department of Political Science, Columbia University). A genuine interest in politics and government is an advantage.


        1. Build statistical models to analyze the data, content, meaning and insights
        2. Pro-active sanity checking and debugging of data and logs.
        3. Document analysis and process via code and shared documentation.
        4. Build machine learning and topic modeling algorithms.
        5. Build tools and apps for internal and external (consumer-facing) stakeholders.
        6. Build understandable dashboards as well as bespoke, custom analysis.
        7. Participate in team and board brainstorming activities.
        8. Work with business stakeholders to help make data-driven decisions.
        9. Scope and define business problems.
        10. Translate business problems to data problems and solve.
        11. Prepare written reports and presentations for internal and external audiences.
        12. Contribute to a culture of collaboration and transparency.


        1. Degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Machine Learning, Mathematics, Physics (or another quantitative discipline).
        2. Applied scholastic and/or career experience in data analysis and problem solving with large amounts of diverse data and content types.
        3. Expert in one or more of machine learning algorithms, statistics, visualization, data engineering, and natural language processing.
        4. Knowledge of relational databases and methods for efficient data retrieval.
        5. Ability to think creatively to solve complex problems.
        6. Ability to autonomously manage simultaneous projects focused on different outcomes.
        7. Ability to work independently yet collaborate with management team.
        8. Must have strong verbal and written communication skills. Ability to communicate the results of analyses in a clear and effective manner.
        9. Demonstrate interest in and understanding of core issues unique to politics and/or government.
        10. Enthusiasm and ability to seek out and learn new technologies and algorithms outside immediate toolset to solve analytical problems.
        11. Demonstrates curiosity and ability to continually ask questions.

        Tech Skills

        1. Read and write code
        2. R, D3, C/C++, Java, Perl, Python, and Ruby
        3. .NET stack (MVC 3, C#, Razor, SQL Server)
        4. Azure Cloud, AWS, S3

        How to apply

        1. Send an email to
        2. Put the job position's title in the subject line of your email.
        3. Send a link to an online resume or attach a PDF to your email.
        4. Describe briefly why you are the right for this job.
        5. Include your salary requirements in the body of the email.

        Data Scientist Positions at VOXGOV (PDF)

      1. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a new federal agency established in 2011, is looking to hire Data Scientists, software developers, graphic and UX designers, and cybersecurity engineers as part of the upcoming two year Technology & Innovation Fellowship. This is a great opportunity for any new graduates or alumni at Columbia who have a background in Data Science.

        Please view this flyer with more information about the program.


        Zuckerman Institute
        Scientific Computing Specialist
        Grade 13
        Reporting to Director, Research Computing


        Upon its completion in 2016, the Jerome L. Greene Science Center on Columbia's newest Manhattanville campus is expected to house approximately 60 independent labs, with a total population of roughly 1000. The Greene Science Center will become the new home of the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind, Brain, Behavior Institute (Zuckerman Institute). The mission of the Zuckerman Institute Research Computing group is to provide the highest quality, leading edge research computing and IT services, support and infrastructure to Zuckerman Institute faculty and their research groups.

        The Scientific Computing Specialist will work directly with current and future Zuckerman Institute faculty and researchers to understand their research workflows and computing needs, and act as their liaison with the Research Computing team. With this understanding, this position will develop and improve research computing services—including but not limited to file storage and backup and high-­-performance computing (HPC)—and introduce Zuckerman Institute research groups to these services. This position is responsible for coordinating and managing service provision, training and support to these groups, serving as a resource and consultant, and developing service usage metrics.


        1. Coordinates and manages research computing service provision, training and support:
          • Works directly with Zuckerman Institute research groups to understand research workflows and computing needs;
          • Acts as a scientific computing resource/consultant to research groups;
          • Introduces and provisions services, and provides training and support.
        2. Performs other coordination and writing tasks:
          • Organizes and assists with meetings of faculty and other governance groups;
          • Coordinates with existing departmental, research group and central IT staff as needed;
          • Writes procedural and technical documentation;
          • Contributes to research computing-­-related technical sections of sponsored project proposals and other documents.
        3. Develops and improves research computing services:
          • Develops service usage metrics;
          • Investigates and achieves integration of existing services with campus, regional and national resources where appropriate;
          • Tests/pilots various commercial and/or academic cloud services with Zuckerman Institute researchers.
        4. Performs related duties and responsibilities as assigned/requested.


        This position reports to the Director, Research Computing, and meets weekly with both the Director and the rest of the Research Computing group. This position is expected to work independently with minimal day-­-to-­-day supervision. This position may supervise other group members.


        The budgetary responsibility for this position includes assisting with meeting on-­-time / on-­-budget project goals related to service provision and related projects, coordinating research computing service usage and/or payments, and planning for and identifying future resource needs.


        • Bachelor’s degree, with knowledge of widely-­-used research or statistical application software (MATLAB, STATA, or similar);
        • 6 + years’ work and/or research experience;
        • The ability to confer and consult directly with senior faculty and administration officials, as well as research staff and students, on technical topics;
        • Excellent customer service, organizational and time management skills to support research faculty and staff, and to coordinate service provision and support with the Research Computing group and other Columbia groups as needed.


        Advanced degree in science, and experience conducting research and using research software applications. Experience with scripting and or programming, and working with HPC systems and working in an academic environment.

        To apply for this position:

      1. Title - Oracle Applications Developer

        The Oracle Applications Developer for the Programming Unit will: develop/support/administrate IT systems related to Risk Based Inspection System (RBIS) and other applicable systems. Work on Oracle database development tasks with PL?SQL. Generate reports using OBIEE11g with BI Publisher and OBIEE Answers/Dashboard. Provide production support for all deployed OBIEE work. Participate in all phases of the system development life cycle including performing systems analysis, requirement definition, database design/development, reports development, unit testing, systems integration testing, deployment and support, preparation of scopes of work, and project plans. Prepare technical specifications and perform the necessary programming tasks for applications development. Projects will involve the design, development, implementation and support of complex Oracle based applications using Oracle Development tools.


        1. A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college, including or supplemented by 24 semester credits in computer science or a related computer field and two years of satisfactory full-time computer software experience in computer systems development and analysis, applications programming, database administration, systems programming, data communications, including one year in a project leader capacity or as a major contributor on a complex project; or
        2. A four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent and six years of satisfactory full-time computer software experience as described in “1” above, including one year in a project leader capacity or as a major contributor on a complex project
        3. Education and/or experience equivalent to “1” or “2” above. College education may be substituted for up to two years of the required experience in “2” above on the basis that 60 semester credits from an accredited college is equated to one year of experience. A master’s degree in computer science or a related computer field may be substituted for one year of the required experience in “1” or “2” above. However, all candidates must have at least a four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent and at least one year of satisfactory full-time experience in a project leader capacity or as a major contributor on a complex project.


        • Solid hands-on experience with Oracle 11g database. Strong Oracle PL/SQL and OBIEE 11g skills.
        • Experience with RPD development and deployment. Understanding of OBIEE security and dimensional modeling.
        • Experience in creating and debugging BI Publisher report jobs. Prior working experience in a large development team environment is highly desirable.
        • Ability to meet tight timelines.
        • Be able to independently resolve issues and learn new technical material.
        • Excellent technical, interpersonal, and verbal/written communication skills.



      1. As a Technical Solutions Engineer, you have a hybrid set of skills, including great coding ability and a strategic business sense. Put another way, you’re a code wizard working to improve the ways we operate. You'll develop ways of making RightsFlow and YouTube rights management more efficient. Among your major responsibilities is taking part in the complex and ever-changing practice surrounding international rights management. You'll pay close attention to building and maintaining the tools that support crucial goals like data exchange, catalog ingestion, royalty reporting, copyright research and YouTube partner support.

        As a Technical Solutions Engineer, you will develop innovative solutions that help drive business and make YouTube Rights Management operations most efficient. The role requires you to write code to build solutions that enable or improve operational activities. Pre-existing knowledge of music rights will substantially help your efforts. You will work with product managers, engineering teams, account managers and external partners. You will have the opportunity to work on challenging projects including web applications, systems and data mining. You will work with the business to build tools and solutions for quick and efficient review of content monetization. You will be involved with designing and implementing both quick and scalable solutions that benefit YouTube’s global rights management teams. The role asks for a mix of strong technical capabilities in addition to having a solid grasp of music rights and business insight.


        • Gather business requirements from users and derive system requirements.
        • Design, implement, test, and launch solutions that solve business problems and create new business opportunities.
        • Manage tools for data ingestion, music licensing, reporting and reconciliation.
        • Build and maintain end to end tools supporting process management for music data operations; plan and prepare to implement long term systems in support of global rights management.
        • Provide support to product and engineering teams on data quality solutions.

        Minimum qualifications:

        • BA/BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience.
        • 4 years of relevant experience.
        • Experience in one or more of the following languages: C, C++, Java, or Python.
        • Experience working in Unix/Linux environments.

        Preferred qualifications:

        • Experience with YouTube’s content management system (CMS).
        • Extensive working knowledge of music publishing or experience working with music rights data.
        • Knowledge of SQL, relational databases, and other data storage solutions.
        • Excellent knowledge of web technologies (HTTP, HTML, JavaScript).
        • Strong ability to communicate technical concepts clearly and effectively.
        • Possess an entrepreneurial mindset and is a proactive self-starter with a strong drive to learn new skills and improve current processes.

        Apply Link

      1. YouGov has a number of openings in quantitative and business roles, including Junior Business Development Executive, Sales Manager, Linux System Administrator, and others. CDSS members will probably be most interested in Survey Programmer / Data Analyst.

        The candidate will join our Operations team as a Survey Programmer/Data Analyst. Surveys are programmed using an in-house scripting language based on Python. In addition to scripting, responsibilities include quality control, data processing, and monitoring.

        Strong computational abilities are essential. Some prior experience programming (Python, Ruby, Perl, C/C++, Java) and scripting with statistical software and data management tools (R/S-Plus, SPSS, Stata, SAS, SQL, Excel) is strongly preferred. A successful candidate will be able to develop and suggest methods to improve survey implementation, enhance the survey-taking experience for our respondents, and streamline delivery of data products to our clients.

        Candidates should have the following qualifications:

        • Excellent computational and analytical skills
        • Experience with statistical packages and data management tools (especially R)
        • Programming experience (Python, Ruby, Perl, C/C++, Java)
        • Understanding of statistics and ability to summarize data and manage large datasets
        • Strong communication skills, both written and oral
        • Results driven focus and ability to see issues through to completion in a timely manner
        • Attention to accuracy in fast-paced environment
        • Ability to manage multiple tasks at one time
        • Prior experience or training in survey research is a plus (but not required)

        The position will be based in YouGov's Palo Alto location. The candidate must have the legal right to work in the United States. Benefits include medical, dental, vision, 401K plan, and Caltrain Go Pass.

        How to Apply

        • Send an email to Put the job position's title in the subject line of your email.
        • Send a link to an online resume or attach a PDF (under 3MB) to your email.
        • In the body of your email, put a short description of yourself and why you are the right person for this job.
        • Include your salary requirements in the body of the email.
      1. For you, working with data is not just about loading a library, parsing data, and trying to understand results; it’s about instrumentation, online classifiers, and shipping great tools for your team and community. You have an attention to detail required when presenting research and data, but you also just love building things that work well.

        You are well versed in distributed data systems, high-volume data collection and ingestion, and you have paid your dues with open source tools like Hadoop and R. You know both how to pick the right algorithm for the job, and know how to implement it in a scalable way, even if it’s something as straightforward as a regression classifier.

        Our data stack is built on AWS: we use Data Pipeline to schedule ingestion via Hadoop, and Redshift to query and warehouse billions of rows of analytics and production data. Kickstarter itself runs on Ruby on Rails and we use Redis, elasticsearch and manage our code in git -- but we’re not dogmatic about it.

        Engineering-wise, we’re looking for someone who has experience working with large scale web applications and who is comfortable deploying everything from bug fixes to complex user-facing features. Data-wise, we value practical experience over formal credentials, but we’re open to candidates from all kinds of backgrounds and seniority as long as they have experience deploying code in a production environment.

        So if the opportunity of working with Kickstarter’s data and infrastructure gets you excited, we want to hear from you. Drop us a line with a link to your github and any projects you’re passionate about.

        Interested? Send a little something about yourself to with links to your work. This position is full-time, on-site at our awesome office in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Your compensation will include equity and health care.

      1. BlueLabs is a data, analytics, and technology firm formed by leadership from the Obama for America re-election campaign’s analytics team. We help organizations work smarter by leveraging innovative statistical methods and technology to make data-driven decisions in the service of good. Analytics is a fast-moving field and we are eager participants in this explosion of new ideas, new technologies, and new techniques. As we build BlueLabs from the ground up, we want to take the lessons we learned and scale them to address new, challenging problems and new opportunities for social good.

        Why We Need You…

        Join our team of analysts, data scientists, and software engineers as we create new approaches to help identify optimal customers, service beneficiaries, donors, students, and targets for a variety of sectors including political campaigns, nonprofits and human services providers.

        Data Scientist:

        Data Scientists serve as the innovation backbone of BlueLabs’ analytics division. They are responsible for creating new products, processes, and methodological tools that improve BlueLabs’ polling, predictive modeling and general analytics. They are problem solvers equipped with a variety of approaches to new problems using an assorted set of data sources. They are inquisitive, interested in learning about the problems encountered by a diverse set of organizations, and driven by creating original solutions that will bring change in the areas of most value to BlueLabs and its clients.

        Find out more more about this exciting opportunity at:

        Data Analyst:

        BlueLabs is hiring data analysts at multiple levels of experience. As a member of BlueLabs’ analytics team, you will get your hands dirty analyzing large, real world datasets that often require cleaning and clever transformations. Data analysts are critical thinkers with strong analytical and problem solving skills, high-energy, and who are self-motivated and proactive. They are able to work as part of a team as well as independently on projects and thrive in a fast paced environment, completing tasks error-free on short deadlines.

        Find out more more about this exciting opportunity at:

      1. The Analyst Institute (
        Location: Washington, DC

        At the Analyst Institute, we invent secret weapons for progressive politics — new strategies to inspire voters, build grassroots power, win elections, and more. We conduct scientific tests to see what actually works in voter contact, and we spread those best practices to progressive campaigns, nonprofits and advocacy groups. It's pretty much the coolest job a data analyst can have.

        Our Political Data Analysts are the beating heart of our work. You’ll be part of a close-knit and capable team, working to apply your love of data and politics to some of the biggest campaigns and elections in the world. Your coworkers, clients and partners will be among the best in the business. If you’re passionate about data, statistics, and technology, and if you believe political activism can make change for the better, we want to talk to you.

        As an Analyst, you'll get to do some, if not all, of the following:

        • Have direct impact on the outcome of campaigns by running innovative experiments.
        • Work with nearly 10 years of past experimental results to draw broad lessons for the progressive community.
        • Run statistical analyses and prepare reports and visualizations of results.
        • Communicate the results to decision makers.
        • If you’re technically inclined, you can help build the cutting-edge tools we use in our day-to-day work.


        Analysts must be committed to AI’s mission of advancing progressive causes through cutting-edge experimental research, and accordingly must have a strong background in quantitative analysis. Analysts must also be self-motivated, comfortable working in a team environment on multiple projects at once under deadlines, and specifically should have:

        • *Data management* and analysis experience in an academic or professional setting, preferably in the context of experimental design;
        • *Statistical software* experience such as Stata or R;
        • *Excellent writing* skills;
        • *Quick learning*; the ability to learn new skills quickly on the job, and to keep up with relevant developments in statistics and/or the social sciences; and
        • *Professionalism* in dealing with our partners.

        Ideal candidates may also have some of the following skills (though these are definitely not required):

        • Experience in managing the implementation of large scale field experiments or political field programs in an academic or professional setting;
        • Proficiency in SQL and relational databases;
        • Ability to program in a scripting language (Python, Perl, Ruby, etc.), and use version control systems; or
        • Familiarity with machine learning algorithms and advanced techniques for predictive analytics.


        • *Competitive compensation*. We’re mission-driven, but we pay people what they're worth.
        • *Healthcare*. Generous employer-paid health benefits.
        • *Three weeks of vacation*.
        • *Room for promotion*. We’re growing and getting more ambitious; there's room for moving up.
        • *Start date*: As soon as reasonably possible.

        To apply, send your resume or LinkedIn profile, and a cover letter explaining why you think you’d be a good fit for the Analyst Institute team, to Put "Analyst" in the subject line.

      1. Are you looking for a role with a fast-growing startup that will take you to the next level in your career? Selected as top emerging vendor in the security sector by CRN Magazine in 2013, NopSec is a leading provider of IT vulnerability risk management solutions. NopSec is a company that celebrates innovation, leadership and creativity! If you want to see tangible results from your work and get rewarded for your accomplishments, then this is the right place for you. You'll join a team of smart people who are very passionate about what they do.

        NoSpec is currently hiring for multiple positions ranging from data scientist, junior & senior software engineerings, and penetration testers.

        Check out the positions and apply on their site at

      1. In4mation Insights is an internationally recognized firm in the marketing research and analytics field and is known for its industry-leading theoretical and practical leadership and advanced technology. The firm's leaders each have more than 30 years' experience in consumer research, data analytics, modeling, and technology development to deliver answers related to Pricing, Marketing ROI, New Product Development, Market Structure and Consumer & Market Segmentation. The firm has a worked with a number of Fortune 200 companies; our experience includes industries such as consumer goods, IT, Telecom, Financial Services, and Media.

        The position
        For Bayesian statistics, the candidate MUST know:

        • MCMC methods, including Gibbs and Metropolis-Hastings sampling.  Exposure to Slice, Hamiltonian, and other samplers would be great.
        • Econometrics and/or mathematical statistics, with knowledge of regression and choice models (e.g. logit, probit).  Experience with Vector Auto Regression (VAR) models is also a plus; Bayesian VARs even better.

        The candidate should:

        • Have excellent skills with R
        • Experience with Python or a similar language
        • Experience with or exposure to SAS
        • Skill and experience with C++


        • Competitive salary with potential for bonus
        • 100% individual health and dental insurance, 75% for family
        • 401K plan with discretionary employer matching
        • PTO bank – combination of vacation, sick, and personal days

        Next Steps

        If you are interested in this position, please send a letter of interest with an updated resume and salary requirements to  Please highlight how your background, experience, and temperament will mesh well with the description above.

        Please tell us about:

        • Your immigration status, if applicable
        • When you could start work

        We are located in Needham, MA just off Route 128, outside Boston.

      1. This platform is capable of processing massive quantities of market data in real time, dissecting nuances of market microstructure at the level of microsecond events, and delivering tradable strategies that can be executed on an industry-leading low-latency trading platform. Tradeworx’s platform is distinguished from similar technology (e.g., Hadoop) in that it can seamlessly support interactive, real-time analytics required for the ultra competitive world of securities trading. In addition, this team is currently involved in designing one of the largest databases in the world, in any field, for application to the field of US Equities, Futures, and Options trading. They seek to market their end product to regulators, hedge funds, banks, prop trading shops, and academics involved in the field of finance, and ultimately, in other verticals where their Big Data capabilities can find use.

        This position will be based out of their Red Bank, NJ office, although highly qualified candidates who must work in NYC may be able to be accommodated in that office.


        The ideal candidate will have the following:

        • Stellar academic record, with original research in computer science or the physical sciences
        • Expertise in large-scale data analysis and/or scalable, distributed computing
        • Excellent programming skills, including experience in C++, Python, and Linux, and familiarity with Matlab, R, or similar analysis toolkits
        • Interest in developing novel tools for real-time analysis of massive financial datasets, for the investigation of modern, low-latency market microstructure; prior experience in finance is not required.


        • Develop scalable algorithms for processing petabyte-scale datasets in real time, advancing the state of the art in modern Big Data analytics
        • Leverage Tradeworx's deep expertise in market microstructure to optimize storage and compute routines for domain-specific characteristics of large-scale financial data
        • Deploy and optimize distributed virtual computing and storage resources
        • Work with senior quantitative analysts and HFT strategy developers to implement advanced statistical methods, forecasting tools, and interactive visualizations

        If interested, please contact:

        Gina Nytko
        CQD Advisors, Inc.

      1. ICAP at Columbia University in the Mailman School of Public Health is seeking a Development-Operations (DevOps) Short Term Casual to support various database development projects in the Strategic Information Unit. Under guidance of HMIS Project Manager, the candidate will assist in installation, configuration and maintenance of ICAP’s health information systems.
        Duties include:

        • Install and configure various open-source tools, such as DHIS, and OpenMRS
        • Maintain open-source tools on ICAP’s cloud infrastructure to meet ICAP-specific data collection and data dissemination needs
        • Develop customized applications, as needed to support ICAP projects
        • Perform other related duties as assigned


        • Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field

        Experience, Skills & Minimum Required Qualifications

        • Intermediate database development experience with open-source RDBMS tools
        • Intermediate proficiency in a high-level programming or scripting language
        • Basic DevOps skills (ability to configure individual elements of a LAMP stack)
        • Critical thinking and analysis, verbal and written communication

        Experience, Skills & Preferred Qualifications

        • Familiarity with .Net, VBScript, C#
        • Professional Linux DevOps Engineering experience
        • Amazon Web Services (AWS) experience
        • Intermediate proficiency in Java, Perl and/or PHP
        • Experience working with DHIS and/or OpenMRS
        • Experience working with JasperReports
        • An active github (or similar) account

        Apply Link

      1. Use your core know-how to solve big problems. We welcome interesting, creative, team-oriented students and professionals with a knack for data from all walks of life. Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with us.

        Design Intern

        • Expertise: Designer, Data Visualization, Data Artist
        • Location: Soho, New York, NY
        • Type: Internship, Fellowship, Contract
        • Experience: Some freelance / professional experience

        Data Science Intern

        • Expertise: Data Science, Computer Science
        • Location: Soho, New York, NY
        • Type: Internship
        • Experience: Final Year Graduate, Post-Graduate, Experienced Professionals

        System & Database Administrator Intern

        • Expertise: Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science
        • Location: Soho, New York, NY
        • Type: Internship
        • Experience: Final Year Graduate, Post-Graduate, Experienced Professionals

        Skills-Based Volunteers

        • Data Visualization Experts - (Create amazing civic data visualizations)
        • Graphic Designers (Help us design social change)
        • Project Managers (Coordinate a project)
        • Web Developers (Create prototypes, help us out with the website)
        • Exploratory Data Analysts (Find out and tell our clients what's in a dataset)
        • Creative Copywriters (Communicate insights clearly and creatively)
        • Documentary Film Makers, Storytellers, Journalists (Bring the issue and solution to life)
        • All-round Data Scientists (Link datasets and crunch the numbers)
        • Academic Researchers (Write a paper, review results)
        • Business Intelligence Experts (Create civic dashboards)
        • Business Consultants (Brainstorm, workshop and scope projects with clients)
        • Fundraising Experts (Help us keep the lights on)
        • Problem Solvers (Find and fix the white spots)
        • System Admin (Improve technical infrastructure and processes)
        • Subject Matter Experts (Provide perspective and context on the issues - see projects or Issues pages)

        Click here for information on all of these positions.

      1. Job Opportunities at Quantified Labs

        Do you want to invent stuff and crack tough problems with an amazing team? You are attracted by startup life - but mostly the ebullient part where we create and validate new ideas? You feel like you can contribute to many things and don't like to stay on a single project for too long? You want to live in New York, and work in a crazy space where people build instruments for Bjork, synthetize DNA, make robots, and calculate the topology of the universe? Look no further: come build with us at Quantified Labs. 

        We are alumni of Harvard SEAS and MIT Sloan, TED Fellows and Xooglers. At Quantified Labs, we invent technologies and products in data science, big data and physical computing. We push prototypes and ideas in parallel to rapid validation, and spin off successful projects as daughter companies. 

        We want you to be part of the core ideation and development team, and contribute to our entire pipeline. We are looking for highly creative people who thrive on being regularly challenged with new fascinating problems, demonstrate every day that depth and breadth are synergistic, and get things done. We are primarily hiring in software engineering, data science, big data infrastructure and data viz.

        Salary commensurate with experience. Package includes equity compensation. Immediate start date. Reach out to us through

      1. IBM Watson Group has career opportunities in machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and engineering. Watson engineers are working on life changing projects such as helping find the cure for cancer. You'll agree this is better than working on optimizing ads, news feeds from friends or building recommendation engines.

        There are dozens of full-time openings at all levels - from bachelors to PhDs - as well as internships.

        Check out the openings and apply on

      1. Kickstarter: Data Engineer

        Our data stack is built on AWS: we use Data Pipeline to schedule ingestion via Hadoop, and Redshift to query and warehouse billions of rows of analytics and production data. Kickstarter itself runs on Ruby on Rails and we use Redis, elasticsearch and manage our code in git -- but we’re not dogmatic about it.

        Engineering-wise, we’re looking for someone who has experience working with large scale web applications and who is comfortable deploying everything from bug fixes to complex user-facing features. Data-wise, we value practical experience over formal credentials, but we’re open to candidates from all kinds of backgrounds and seniority as long as they have experience deploying code in a production environment.

        So if the opportunity of working with Kickstarter’s data and infrastructure gets you excited, we want to hear from you. Drop us a line with a link to your github and any projects you’re passionate about.

      1. Schireson Associates, Inc.

        About You: Your Work Experience and Interests

        As a Director-level “Data Scientist,” we expect you to have many wide-ranging skills. The ideal candidate would be strong on all of the following dimensions:

        • Data – You have good SQL database skills and familiarity with Big Data topics & technologies.
        • Science – You have experience doing data mining, machine learning & predictive analytics and ideally also more typical marketing science like clustering, regression, and structural equation modeling.
        • Code – You are comfortable working in R, Python and/or Matlab.
        • Art – You have great storytelling skills and a passion for creating compelling ways to visualize information. You are equally comfortable talking with clients as constructing SQL queries.
        • Business – You don’t just understand data, you understand business. You are skilled at playing the part of a consultant and thinking through the business implications. You can think like a marketer or advertiser – ideally you actually consider yourself to be one. We anticipate that you will have ten or more years of experience. An MBA, advanced or terminal degree is preferred. Experience with survey-based quantitative market research is a plus, as is experience with advertising and/or media businesses and experience working with Excel-based market modeling and simulators. Experience working in a professional services, consulting or research firm is useful.


      1. Kimmeridge Energy is seeking an expert developer with a strong background in data analysis and presentation. The job will involve discrete projects ranging from a few days to a few weeks involving collecting large data sets and mining those sets for trends and investable conclusions.

        Specific Desirable Skill Sets

        • Database design
        • Varied technology skill set with working knowledge of several languages and web frameworks
        • Experience presenting results a must
        • Strong math and statistics background
        • Experience with mapping APIs or geospatial programs
        • Experience in information retrieval via XML and/or web scraping

        Attractive Attributes

        • Portfolio of data-driven applications that provide intuitive visual representations of complex data sets
        • Able to work independently
        • Ability to understand business goals in order to design efficient solutions to data challenges
        • Exceptional communication skills

        Job Type

        • Pay is competitive with industry
        • Office is in Midtown Manhattan but flexibility to work from different locations

        About Kimmeridge

        Kimmeridge is a private equity investment firm fund focused on upstream oil and gas exploration. We are based in New York and Houston. Our investments are based on identifying trends in geology, engineering, and drilling patterns in order to identify industry trends ahead of others.

        Application Process:

        Please submit a resume along with examples of data collection programs that you have created, including summaries of methodology and results. No experience in energy necessary. Applications should be sent to

      1. As a Data Scientist at IXL, you will research and analyze our data to assist in making key business decisions. Working closely with our engineers, product designers, and other team members, you will answer and ask important questions that will help improve our strategies, improve our users’ experience, and shape our products. Your work at IXL will help students and teachers around the world.

        International candidates encouraged to apply, H1B sponsorships available.


        • 2+ years of experience as a data scientist.
        • Bachelor’s or advanced degree in computer science, applied math, physics, economics, or other quantitative science. PhD preferred.
        • Extensive experience with a wide variety of data analysis theories and tools.
        • Fluent in Python or other scripting language.
        • Familiarity with statistical modeling tools such as R or Stata.
        • Experience with relational databases and SQL.
        • Ability to work independently and collaborate with different teams.
        • Strong interest in data and a passion for using it to improve education through technology.

        About IXL

        IXL Learning is an educational technology company like no other. We develop dramatically innovative, first-of-their-kind products used by millions of learners, from children to adults. Our IXL product (located at is the world's most popular subscription-based learning site for K-12. Our other products include Quia Web, the original 'create-your-own' website for teachers, and Quia Books, the leading online platform for world-languages courses.

        Apply Link

      1. Position Summary: As part of the DOE’s Division of Talent, Labor, and Innovation (DTLI),the Office of Talent Research and Data (ORD) is responsible for developing policies, programs, systems, and tools that support the development and evaluation of extraordinary teachers and leaders for NYC schools. The Office of Talent Research and Data’s team provides in-depth analysis linking policies to the impact they have on student outcomes. This analysis provides critical information used to inform strategy and enables DTLI to continually assess and improve policies and programs. The goal of the Office of Talent Research and Data is to provide research and analytics that supports data-driven systems and decision making for how the DOE selects, develops, evaluates and retains the most effective teachers and school leaders to ensure that every student is college and career ready upon graduating from high school.


        • Write, maintain, and execute code required for the implementation of the DOE’s teacher and principal evaluation systems, e.g., SAS, Excel, and Transact-SQL software.
        • Lead the development, maintenance and quality control of teacher and principal evaluation programming code.
        • Integrate teacher and principal evaluation products and data with other DOE information systems.
        • Improve the scalability, accuracy, and automation of technical aspects of the teacher and principal evaluation systems.
        • Create technical documents, process documentation, and provide program and technical training to analysts and others working on the teacher evaluation systems.
        • Explore system methods of increasing the value of teacher and principal evaluation systems as business intelligence tools for educators, administrators and the public.

        Minimum Requirements

        • A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college including or supplemented by 24 semester credits in computer science or a related computer field and one year of satisfactory full-time computer software experience in computer systems development and analysis, applications programming, database administration, systems programming or data communications; or
        • A four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent and five years of satisfactory full-time computer software experience as described in "1" above; or
        • Education and/or experience equivalent to "1" or "2" above. College education may be substituted for up to two years of the required experience in "2" above on the basis that 60 semester credits from an accredited college is equated to one year of experience. In addition, 24 semester credits from an accredited college or graduate school in computer science or a related field, or a certificate of at least 625 hours in computer programming from an accredited technical school (post high school), may be substituted for one year of experience. However, all candidates must have at least a four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent and at least one year of satisfactory full-time experience as described in "1" above.

        Please submit resume and cover letter to

      1. Overview:

        Our team of analysts explores a client’s entire business model and identifies the challenges to growth. We work to craft strategic messages that will move the needle with these important audiences. Infused with this intelligence, Peppercomm's programs then become a tool not just for promoting a company and its products through the media, but for making sure that messages most clearly reflect what the company wants to communicate and what the intended audience needs. BIG is our platform for ensuring Peppercomm's public relations work truly is strategic.

        The ideal candidate needs to be comfortable with Excel, possess an understanding of business/economics, have a background in qualitative research, and have strong communication and writing skills. This is a full-time position with a competitive salary, full benefits and the opportunity to work at a firm with an amazing culture.

        About Peppercomm:

        Peppercomm, is an award-winning full-service integrated communications and marketing agency ( We differentiate ourselves by ensuring that every program begins with strategy and ends with results. Our services include media relations, analyst relations, crisis counsel, internal/employee communications, research and analytics, interactive marketing support, trade show/special events, digital, and licensing. Based in New York City with offices in San Francisco and London, the firm represents a host of companies and organizations spanning industries such as:

        • Business to business
        • Financial services
        • Professional services
        • Consumer products

        Peppercomm is currently seeking outgoing and motivated candidates for its Business Intelligence Group in the New York office.

        Business Intelligence Group – Research and Analytics:

        Peppercomm’s Business Intelligence Group (BIG) takes Peppercomm’s mission of understanding the business of a client’s business to another level. Public relations firms have traditionally tried to determine a client's reputation with the media and then worked to change it. But BIG takes a more holistic approach, moving PR work from “press relations” toward a true marketing and communications strategy.

        To Apply: Email Dan Salazar at

      1. Posting

        One of MODA and DoITT’s goals is to facilitate a more transparent and open government to increase civic engagement. Through New York City’s open data policy – a citywide set of standards and guidelines – we are presenting information through raw data and ensuring that New York City government is increasingly accountable and open for future generations.
        Beyond presenting information to the public, these data sets serve as a rich resource for developers, civic groups, and anyone else to build applications on their own. The creation of new apps using City data fosters innovation and leverages talents beyond City government for create solutions to tough problems.

        The New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications (DoITT) provides the foundation for NYC’s innovation economy. DoITT is responsible for modernizing government technology; increasing digital literacy opportunities for New Yorkers; facilitating a more transparent and open government; and creating innovative partnerships with today’s leaders in technology to improve IT infrastructure, service delivery, and civic engagement across the five boroughs.

        The intern would primarily be responsible for analyzing the City’s Open Data Plan (ODP). The OPD released in September 2013 represents all City datasets that fall under the definition of public data but have not yet been released. The intern will be responsible for assessing the completeness, technical accuracy and compliance with the Law. The intern will provide feedback to the agency and work with agency contacts to improve upon the plan



        • Expertise: Data Science, Data Research
        • Location: New York, NY
        • Type: Internship
        • Experience: Any

        Perfect opportunity for upcoming data scientists to gain real-world problem solving experience with large, civic data-sets.

        About is's non-profit organization dedicated to doing social good by leveraging data. The office is based in Soho in New York City and can offer extremely attractive work for upcoming data scientists with big datasets and very rewarding civic challenges. One of the biggest challenges facing charities and non-profits is the lack of resources and data analytics at their disposal. Our goal is for charitable organizations to reach more people and to be more effective in the way they do it. We connect datasets, create algorithms, data visualizations, data communication concepts as well as application ideas to help solve problems as diverse as homelessness, drug abuse, human trafficking, crisis response or education technology.

        We are looking for a Data Science / Data Researchers to help us dive into new data, link data-sets, prepare & clean data, connect to APIs and generate initial basic visualizations and research insights. Relevant skills: Whatever it takes to handle large datasets to gather actionable insights: R, Python, MySql, development skills. Knowledge of rapid data visualization & exploration tools (e.g. Tableau, CartoDB, ESRI, ... ), academic or business research background a plus.Tell us more about yourself! Internship Form

        Why Join

        • Measurably impact and affect important social issues
        • Collaborate with a great team in a high-velocity startup environment
        • Help shape a revolutionary new category of data-driven non-profits
        • Catered lunches and snacks!

        Contact: Stefan Heeke

      1. New York, New York

        Tremblant Capital Group was established in 2001 and manages multiple investment products across the Equity Long/Short, Equity Long Only and Equity Fund of Fund space. Tremblant currently has 34 employees and assets in excess of $2 billion.

        Tremblant Capital seeks an individual to join its proprietary research team. The chosen candidate will use both analytical and creative approaches to solve unstructured questions related to quantifying the risks and drivers of growth of publicly traded companies, and on incorporating the resulting analyses into the investment process. Candidates must be diligent, attentive to detail, intellectually curious, and able to multitask in a fast-paced environment.

        Position responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

        • Conducting / assisting with a wide variety of research projects
        • Defining and implementing methods of gathering and cleaning data
        • Aiding the analyst team in interpreting data and conclusions
        • Proactively suggesting areas for study
        • Creating effective analyses and visualizations of large data sets



        • Bachelor’s degree in Data Science or related field
        • Proficiency in statistics (including linear and logistic regression, time series analysis, forecasting, clustering, principal components analysis, interpolation, etc.)
        • Programming experience and database familiarity
        • Knowledge of accounting and finance is a plus
        • Two to five years of post-graduate work experience
        • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and other Office products
        • Effective oral and written communication and presentation skills
        • Excellent organizational skills and process-orientation
        • Trustworthy professional with the highest ethical standards

        To apply, please send your resume & cover letter to Susie Fuller at

500 W. 120th St., Mudd Room 524, New York, NY 10027    212-854-5660               
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